Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Botched Boxes

So I was going to try making and selling boxes on Etsy, but it turns out boxes take foreeeeever to make.  And you can buy factory-made ones for super cheap... And then I had the bright idea to make a polymer clay inlay.  So no, that's not just painted on there (although that would have taken *Dr. Evil voice* ONE MILLION fewer hours); I cut out the wood letters and then stuffed some polymer clay in there and covered it with a clay design that I thought would show up better.  And it was going to be soooo much cooler before I sanded too much and had to redo the whole inlay.  Siiiiigh... this is indeed a learning process.

And in this shot, I was going for the lone, pensive box, pondering life's mysteries as the sun sets...