Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Font Ideas

{We interrupt the usual tone of this blog to post some font options linked from Etsy.}

Etsy folks, some things to keep in mind when selecting a font:
  •  The thinner the font style, the weaker (easier to break) the finished product will be.  While I can cut pretty thin fonts, we should both worry about the finished product making it to you in one piece after shipping (despite a plethora of bubble wrap and a mail carrier with the best intentions of caution).
  • Words containing certain letters that hang below the "line" (such as lower case "y" "g" "q" "p" and "j") will not stand up evenly on a flat surface on their own (but would still be dandy hanging on a wall).
  • Cursive-type fonts typically don't look great in all capital letters (like if you're trying to avoid that lower case 'y' messing things up).
  • Letters will be scooted closer to each other so that an entire word can be cut out in one chunk (unless you're wanting individual letters cut separately).
  • I can do just about anything from fontsquirrel.com or dafont.com as long as it's a thick enough font and listed as "free" or "public domain" on dafont.  (Everything is free to use on fontsquirrel.)  Just keep the above bullet items in mind when selecting :)
  • Below are some ideas of fonts that would work well:

Fer fun!

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