Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poly Clay Box - No Amputation

So this was from my box experimenting days...  And it turns out it's a good idea to have ruuully nice blades when cutting thicker wood (i.e., 2 inches).  You know how I hate getting startled?  Well, even worse than a balloon popping near your face is your saw blade breaking mid cut.  Cuz your fingers are RIGHT. THERE.  And it takes you a second to make sure they're all still attached.  Good heavens, it's a horrific ordeal for jumpy people like me.  SO...top-o'-the-line blades are on the immediate wish list and box making shall continue!  I'm thinking fish boxes next.  Because, you know, what's wrong with a fish box?  Absolutely nothing.
 This particular box was covered with some experimental polymer clay techniques.  Ahhh, polymer clay.  So much less likely to cause accidental amputation...

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