Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Anchor Sign is Birthed from Loins of Kreg Jig

My tool acquisition phase is going swimmingly.  So remember my gargantuan treadmill box that I was trying to get rid of bestow upon some lucky person on Facebook?  (PS-still available..)  Well, that treadmill also came with a wooden pallet.  So since I didn't yet own my sexy circular saw (slow clap for verbal alliteration?), I worked up a sweat hand sawing and harvesting these planks from it. (Jewell's bf, Mike, helped, too. Thanks, Mike. Comma much?)  And then several months later, the trusty Kreg Jig came into my life, and this hog was my first experiment with it (i.e., whew, you should see the back of this thing...)  And THEN, still several months later, the Silhouette graced me with its existence and provided me with the stencil to paint this.  And then BAM!  Distressed anchor sign is born of stinky treadmill packaging--squeee!

My brain is kind of exploding trying to narrow down future design choices... I mean seriously--the world is my freaking burrito. 

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