Wednesday, July 2, 2014

P-p-p-peg board and dreams come true

You probably thought I'd fallen off the bloggin' wagon, huh? (blaggin' wagon? Minnesota accent? Stop it? Ok.)  Well you'd be wrong, Grace.  I blessedly had a big ol' increase in Etsy activity, so I've been cutting away oodles of signs for folks.  And you know what I realized?  Sawdust and wood debris gets every. where.  And at first it didn't really bother me, because things were accessible and I was in a busy tizzy, but finally Chris was like:
And I was all:

But the man made a good point.  And as soon as creepy-crawlies get involved, that tips the scales hard core (I guess ants like sawdust...LOTS of ants like more than I've ever seen in one place ever.. And you know, when you wake up from a nightmare thinking millions of ants are all over you, it's time to clean the garage).

So the cleaning began and since I have so many cool garage goodies now, there just wasn't enough space for them on the shelves.  And the answer???  Why, peg board, of course!

And good heck, I wish I'd known how cheap and easy it was earlier.  All together, this cost us less than $25 bones and took maybe half an hour to put up there.

You find them studs and screw in some 1x2s (cut to fit with the tremendously delicious and helpful DeWalter White the miter saw - pictured below. Isn't he adorable??).
 You have Christian hold up an entire 4'x8' sheet of pegboard by himself while I screw it in (and try dropping some screws to add to the excitement!  Men love to hold heavy objects while you fumble with a drill. Trust me.)
 And then voila!  I feel like I have my own little store out there now, like I've always dreamed of (I begged my dad to construct me a little store front from age 7-10. It was to be called Sam's and it would have made the Fortune 500 by now, I know it.).  I kind of want to stock it with candy, too..  I think all well-rounded shops have candy..  Just grab my nail gun and some Haribo frogs and have a great day, you know?

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