Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The end of porch desolation is upon us!  Christian built a twinner Adirondack chair, I built us a lemonade table (only supports glasses of lemonade--I build specific, baby), throw in some rather loud day lilies in the foreground, and bada-BING:  summer porch chair-splosion of maybe-semi-epic proportions!  No more will tumbleweeds roll sadly over our decrepit porch.  No more will our butts search aimlessly for a place to rest.  Just try not to be distracted by the insecure lilies or Jack's fingerprints on our very filthy shutters.

So a little process here...  I didn't have a plan for the table, so I sat in the finished chair and mimed putting a glass of lemonade on a not-yet-existent table, got an eyeball height measurement, and went to town.  And by town, I mean Home Depot, which is in town.  Anywho, would you believe it ended up looking something resembling a table??
We get a little clampy-clampy here...

 And then BAM!  Table.  Also stool when not sporting beverage.

Aaand then, Auntie Debbie wanted some chairs for her front yard, so then this happened:

 And though our chair friends were only with us for a brief time, I thought I should capture this chair camaraderie before they were sent to their new family.  Good times.  A spot for many bottoms.

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