Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sssssslant Board

It turns out that flooring projects are inherently underestimated.  So while I'm finishing up such a project that I'll lament about later, here's another one that only took a handful of minutes:  homemade slant board--BAM!

A little background.  Christian's feet are jacked up.  Like this kind of jacked up:

More specifically, extreme plantar fasciitis that has required years of semi-cripplehood, shots to the heels (shudder), a podiatrist named Petersen (Uuum, he pronounces it PED-erson.  Someone should tell him that's a bit much.), and finally a physical therapist who necessitated the purchase of a slant board.  

BUT, it turns out that two planks of wood that fit together at a 30 degree angle are suuuuuper expensive--some over $100 bones, those wily thieves.  So we were like, forget that noise; we have a cornucopia of delicious saws and scrap wood that shall meet our footly needs.

SO, I pulled out the ol' Circular Saw of All Things Good and got to work.

I of course already had some wood, so I put the pattern I had sketched on some sssupple maple plywood, clamped her down (ps-Don't be a dummy (DAVE); always clamp down your workpiece when you're working with the number one culprit for finger amputations. Yeeeez.), and sliced it up.

After adjusting a bit for my thicker wood, I double checked this hog was at a 30 degree angle -the magic foot angle- and like I said:  BAM.  Slant board for like $2 and 15 minutes.  Eat that, manufacturers of slant boards!

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