Thursday, January 23, 2014


So since I started doing this 'makin' stuff' thing a while ago and only now started this blog, I'll show you some old stuff, too, ok???

I give you the very first thing I ever scroll sawed!  You can tell from the 'O' and the 'L' that I was purdy scared of losing those fingers.  Plus, my first scroll saw was from, I think, the 4th century, so it was a little jumpy. (Still, warm feelings for the little guy, as it opened a doorway.)  More polymer clay practice here, too.

And then shortly after that, with some blade upgrades and a little more practice with that cat puzzle, I made l'elephant puzzle.  It's verrrry close to someone else's design, so I can't take credit for the shapes--but I think the painted color scheme turned out well.  It turns out paint brushes are pretty hard to be accurate with.  What's with that?  Why haven't people come up with a better way to paint thin lines? Yeez, artists..

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