Wednesday, January 29, 2014

h-No Man

So whoever's been to my house knows that it's a little light on decor...  Mmmmaybe the entire front room only has a few pictures up...that happened fairly recently.  Anywho, I really wanted to try a new technique for a distressed paint finish as well as beef up Christmas decor last month, so I drew up some sketches in primary (you know...where I sit at the back on the piano under flickering lights...and probably should be reading the Ensign or something..)  I then cut these puppies out in pine and tried my new, 2-tone distress technique.  There's definitely some fine-tuning to go, but I really like the shabby-chic look that seems to be popular... I dunno, is it still popular?  Are bangs still in?  Are boot-cut jeans still in??  I just know I'll be that 40 year-old with flare jeans and a slap bracelet...

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